PVC profiles:

PVC (polymer-vynil-chloride) is artificial material that is obtained from the natural resources of salt and oil. In its basic shape it is powder mixture which is in later technology process added with different organic and nonorganic substances, depending on its final use.  PVC as a material is dating from 1835, but its technology implementation in industrial production has started in 1939.

PVC joinery has found its place on the market with its good and easy affordable price and its ability of providing high level of thermal insulation. As industrial material it stands for high efficient ecological solution due to its ability of complete recycling. In the market it is possible to produce PVC products in different colors starting from white, over imitation of different kinds of wood colors, up to one of the colors of the large palette of the producer colors of all kinds.

  • Advantages of PVC
  • Non demanding and easily cleaning and maintenance
  • Top quality gaskets
  • Long term metal parts as well parts of complete mechanism
  • High level of thermal insulation and significant savings in costs of heating
  • Excellent sound insulation
  • Longevity and resistance to different weather conditions
  • Esthetics and ability of modeling according to buyers requests
  • Huge selection of shapes and colors
  • Fast and simple installing
  • Ability of complete recycling

PVC profiles that our company is offering are constructed in five and six inner chambers. Each piece of final product, besides standard wing and frame profiles, is provided with additional sub-profiles that keeps the product safe during installation and later during usage. Inside PVC profiles there are galvanised steel reinforcement profiles being built in on complete length which is providing additional hardness, stability and longevity of final products.  All products of joinery are provided with top class gaskets complying with the customer requests for various possibilities in opening.

We are proud to offer wide assortment of PVC joinery:

  • Windows  (divided on different products depending on number of wings, type of opening etc )
  • Classic terrace doors, slide doors, folding terrace doors, PSK doors etc
  • Fixed windows with variable number of fields and purpose
  • Inner doors
  • Front doors of various shapes and scheme and purpose, one and two wing doors
  • Auxiliaries doors

Often additional elements on joinery are roller shutters, various insect protection nets and different kind of sills.

PVC joinery system roller shutters are produced in original system of thermal insulated box and slides made of PVC while curtains are produced of insulated aluminum profiles with polyurethane filling.  It is also possible to order non insulated aluminum box for outer roller shutters. All roller shutters comes with different usage and operating options so user can decide between electromotor operated and hand operated opening and closing. There are also various hand operated handles and cranks in different materials and designs.

Insect protection nets are produced in fixed standing as well as nets with possibility of opening. Those can be installed along with roller shutters or separately, depending on the customer demands.

Sills in PVC are also produced in different colors and dimensions and delivered according to customer wishes.