Aluminum profiles

Aluminum profiles are designated by it hardness and excellent static stability. It is very popular among architects thanks to its abilities and color possibilities. It is ideal for usage on constructions   under strong influence of sunlight and high temperatures. It is very simple for maintenance.  As a natural material it is very ecologically acceptable. In joinery production aluminum is used in many different profiles. It is possible to produce it with thermal insulation, according to purpose,   which provides excellent thermal, sound and hydro insulation. These profiles are often used on residential and business buildings. There is also possibility of ordering joinery without thermal insulation and those profiles are often used on places of even temperatures, inner doors and various bulkheads providing just enough of visual, sound and hydro insulation.

More and more popular on the market is joinery made form aluminum and various kind of wood that together combined achieve excellent results in thermal, sound, hydro insulation.

All kind of aluminum profiles can be protected on the surface with different process of plasticization and anodizing which provide long term of the product. Plasticized profiles are available in any RAL color while anodized profiles often comes in natural aluminum color and different shades of brown and gray.

All products of aluminum joinery are provided with top class gaskets complying with the customer requests for various possibilities in opening.

Glassing is finished with high quality and different types of FLOAT glass as well in low emission standards according to customer demands.

Aluminum is provided through wide range of products:

  • Windows  (divided on different products depending on number of wings, type of opening etc )
  • Classic terrace doors, slide doors, folding terrace doors, PSK doors etc
  • Fixed windows with variable number of fields and purpose
  • Inner doors
  • Front doors of various shapes and scheme and purpose, one and two wing doors
  • Auxiliaries doors
  • Aluminum fences of various shapes and textures, outside and inside the objects
  • Winter gardens
  • Automatic sensor remote controller garage doors, garage roller doors, industrial segment doors, automatic doors (one or two wings)
  • Traffic shops, complete construction coated with aluminum or PVC panels and joinery
  • Structural and semi-structural ventilating  facades